Playing with Dogs is Essential for their Health; here is Why?

Playing with dogs, also called play behaviors, is part of the natural behavior of all mammals. These, in addition, allow for an improved social relationship between the dog with other dogs and the dog with its adopter.

The game consists of practice or rehearsal where the dog is prepared to face all the different circumstances and difficulties he may encounter in his adult life.

Thanks to this, the dog’s communication is improved, and it is a rich source of continuous learning. For all this, it is essential that the adopter knows its importance and that he constantly practices it with his pet.

Why is Play so Important for Dogs?

As mentioned above, play is of great importance to all mammals, and most importantly, it is essential to develop a dog’s skills and communication with its adopter. The development of communication allows the dog to learn the codes and limits of conduct and the appropriate way to express himself through gestures and movements.

During games or playful activities, the dog develops the body and auditory language when performing tasks or challenges. This allows him to adapt to any situation he may face as an adult.

In addition, it generates cohesion to work with its adopter, which is very important, especially when the dog is in its first months of life. Another significant factor of games for dogs is that they will allow them to adapt better socially with other dogs and to have a much healthier life and better behavior in general.

Playing with Dogs: Examples of Games

There are many games to play with your dog, but some are more important or relevant than others.

Some more essential games are:

Hunting Games

The hunting game is played between the adopter and the dog. Participation is essential, as it is a fun activity that will allow him to develop his natural prey instinct in a controlled and non-destructive way.

You can do this through a flirting pole or a “flirting stick.” It is a long stick or rod with bait attached to the other end; it can be a toy or a decoy. This way, the adopter will be ready to play with his dog to hunt the prey.

The recommendation is to do it slowly, so the dog learns to control itself, use a command to release the target, and let the dog take the lure multiple times as a reward signal.

Play Hide and Seek with dogs

The game of hide and seek, also known as “hide the treat, ” is a highly entertaining activity for dogs, especially in closed spaces such as apartments or houses. This type of playful activity will allow you to develop your problem-solving skills.

The strategy is to hide the object in a hard-to-reach place and rub its scent at different points along the way so the dog can search for it by following the trail. In the same way, it is recommended to use the expressions of hot and cold to develop the listening skills of the dog, where the cold must be said calmly, while the hot in an energetic way to excite the dog.

Another advantage of this game is that the dog’s control can also be developed by giving commands such as “stay” when he hides the object or treat and “come” to start his movements.

Search Game

It is one of the best-known dog games in the world and is indicated for energetic dogs or those that require a lot of physical exercises or running. The search game is simple because it throws an object, and the dog runs to find it and returns it to its adopter.

This game is easily played with a ball or Frisbee but should be played in a vast space where the adopter can throw it long distances without any problem. With this game, the dog will have a lot of fun and develop motor and physical skills, making efforts to jump from a height, cover distances, and change direction.

Tug of War Game

The tug-of-war game is suitable for any dog, as it responds to the activity and animal instincts that the dog has. You can do this quietly both outside and inside a house or apartment.

This game is fun and engaging, with which you can develop the dog’s physical abilities and keep it always exercised. It is essential that during the tug-of-war between the adopter and the dog, the dog is allowed to win several times so that he does not lose interest.

In the same way, you can practice controlling the dog when performing the “release” command; thus, the adopter will learn to stop or stop the dog.

Agility Game

Agility or training is another exciting game for dogs that will allow them to develop their skills. This game explicitly challenges your mind and body through agility training.

When discussing this practice, it is customary to think of long walks that allow the dog to get tired. However, this is not necessary. An obstacle course can be set up in the yard or garden of your house, and this way, the dog will practice his skills.

This can easily set up the obstacle course with boxes and cones, which the dog must avoid when running and jumping over them.

Benefits of Dog Play

Playful games or activities for dogs provide many benefits, such as the development of the dog in his physical and mental abilities and the improvement of his behavior, which strengthens the relationship with his adopter.

Next, we mention in more detail the main advantages of games for dogs:

  • It develops exploration and the ability to become familiar with the environment around it, giving the dog more confidence and security.
  • Significantly increases the dog’s skills and survival abilities, allowing immediate recognition of dangers to his life and that of his adopter.
  • By having a more incredible experience, individually with the dog and collectively between his adopter and other dogs, he offers greater cooperation and empathy, improving his behavior.
  • It allows the growth and development of the dog’s body, increasing its physical and social abilities through training. In addition, it allows you to know your physical limits according to your experience, avoiding dangers.

Note: In addition, by playing, dogs learn extensively to control the force of their bite and other movements, which will consequently prevent them from causing harm to their adopter, other people, and other animals.

Scientific studies have shown that games in different species, not just mammals, provide benefits and tools to face the challenges of their adult life and not be exposed to so many dangers. This is why games are essential in the life of dogs.

Benefits of Playing with Dogs

There are considerable benefits to playing with your dog, not just for the dog but also for the adopter. Some of the most important benefits of playing with your dog are:

In every game with dogs, the dog and its adopter have to deal with physical activity, and what better way to do it together? And that’s excellent news because both of them need to do these kinds of activities and movements to drain their energy or recreate themselves.

In this way, the game is a way to keep the dog active and healthy without falling into obesity which can affect it so much. Undoubtedly, it benefits both.

When you play a game with your dog, you not only do activities that are very beneficial to your body but also provide mental health benefits for the dog. It’s no secret that some dogs can have anxiety issues.

Certain breeds, such as the German Shepherd, are more likely to suffer from it due to lack of activity.

In this sense, by playing a specific type of game, they will not only calm down but also be stimulated and have less energy, which will help the symptoms of anxiety disappear. This certainly contributes significantly to the well-being of the dog.

  • Strengthens the bond between the dog and the adopter:

By actively participating in games with your dog, your relationship or bond will be strengthened and beneficial. All thanks to the fact that you will be part of the joy and fun of your best four-legged friend, significantly increasing the love he feels for you. 

In addition, when games are played between the two, it is possible to learn from each other because when two people meet, they discover and get to know each other to find out what interests or amuses the other the most.

It’s a positive way to strengthen your bond, burn energy, correct behavior, and release frustrations.

  • Improves dog socialization:

Another essential factor of the era in dog play is that it will be able to improve socialization with other dogs and people, especially when it comes to outdoor activities involving interactions with others.

This will make him meet new dogs, feel more comfortable in public places and manage to behave in the best way.

The best way for two dogs to get to know each other is through play when they are off guard and open to interaction.

Most Playful Dog Breeds

There are many dog ​​breeds, but some are more playful than others. The most playful breeds are:

Golden Retriever

It is one of the best-known breeds in the world, and it is because it is an amiable and balanced dog that can adapt to any family. At the Golden retriever, He likes to participate in any activity, both inside and outside the house. There is no doubt that with a dog of this breed, you can play any game with peace of mind.


He is a significant and robust dog with a gentle and brilliant look. It is one of the favorite dog breeds for many families. This breed is characterized by its flexibility and extreme sociability with other dogs and children. In addition, they are very patient and calm.

German Shepherd

German Shepherds are known all over the world. The German Shepherd is a noble, muscular and athletic dog. From early on, they were used to performing grazing duties, so they are happy, active, very playful, and manage to grow well with humans.


They are very active and highly loyal dogs and stand out for their size and strength. Entertaining and playful, it is not recommended to have them with very young children because they like to make mischief.

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Jack Russell

They are small dogs but very active, loyal, and friendly, belonging to the buzzard group. This breed adapts to living comfortably in tiny houses or apartments. They also get along with children and young people, making them ideal dogs for the family and other animals. They need exercise to stay active and healthy.


This is one of the most intelligent and affectionate dog breeds, ideal for family living and sharing with young children. He is a calm, docile, playful, and playful dog with whom you can play for a long time. The Beagle requires daily physical activity.

Border Collie

The Border collie is one of the most intelligent dogs in the world. It is a straightforward dog ​​to train in every way, but it requires a lot of physical activity and daily dedication. If he is not physically and mentally stimulated, he may suffer from anxiety or depression.

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