Mastiff Dog Breed Information, Characteristics and Temperament

Mastiffs are a very large and majestic group of dog breeds. Today we are going to learn more about them in depth. Let’s start with its physical characteristics.

Upon reaching their maximum adult size, the males can reach a height of 77 centimeters, reaching a weight of around 90 kg. While females can weigh about 68 kg reaching heights of 70 centimeters.

It is a breed of enormous size dog with great muscles and strength. Its head is square, heavy and has a relatively short snout, with a black “mask” surrounding its eyes and nose.

His eyes are usually dark brown or hazel in color and small in size, while his ears are proportionately small and hang on the sides of his head. The tail falls over the hocks and is usually high-crossed.

Its fur is normally smooth and thick, moderately short and dyed in colors such as beige, pinto or peach, which are typical of its species.

Origin of Mastiff Dog Breed

Mastiff Dog Breed

Mastiffs originally developed as nomadic or semi-nomadic herding dogs. This was from small ruminant breeds that, with due selection through the natural environment conditions, evolved to form a protective breed of cattle from predator threats.

The origin of mastiffs also goes back to rural areas where intensive farming was developed. It is not a dog to follow orders because it has been developed to act on instinct, despite being very affectionate with its adopters and with a brave character.

This behavior has been used to protect cattle from attack by wolf packs. Although in recent times, it has also been adopted as a companion dog in families. Among the other names that the Mastiff has received are; the wolf-dog in Zamora, Majá dog in the province of Extremadura, and the merino dog in the transhumance work of merino sheep.

In other regions or languages, ​​it is also known as cão de Gado, mostín, or gos ramader (cattle dog), among other names.

General Personality of Mastiff Dog Breed 

Mastiffs have a very serious appearance and personality, although they are mostly very affectionate and show a lot of affection with their family. Undoubtedly, they are characteristics that, together with their calm temperament, make them an ideal companion for children of a certain age due to their large size.

Of course, it is a breed of dog that must be in contact with the greatest number of people in multiple situations since they are puppies. In this way, they will develop that courteous, friendly and big-hearted character that they usually show as companions for children, despite their imposing and gigantic appearance.

It is an excellent guard dog that is revealed when strangers arrive home, which makes it alert. They consider their family part of their territory, which is why they are often suspicious of strangers. However, they are not usually dogged that bark a lot.

What are the Type of Mastiff Breeds 

There are different breeds of mastiffs, among which we can find the Tibetan, Spanish, and English Mastiffs, among others that we will learn about below. 

Tibetan Mastiff Dog Breed

Tibetan Mastiff Dog Breed

Tibetan Mastiff Dog Breed

This species is also known as the Tibetan Mastiff. It is a breed dating back approximately four thousand years in China. Its main characteristics, which stand out the most, are its strong muscles and large size, which, despite being heavy in appearance, also stands out for its agility and longevity.

It is a giant breed with dimensions that stand out for being longer than they are tall, which usually gives them a solemn appearance. Adult males usually have a height of at least 66 centimeters, while females usually have a height of 61 centimeters.

The average weight ranges between 36 and 42 kilograms and can reach even more weight. The latter depends on characteristics such as sex, height and complexion.

The coat is dense and long, forming a ruff on its neck and shoulders, which stands out especially in male specimens, coming to be of various colors, and some have spots. The Tibetan Mastiff breed usually enjoys good health because it is usually quite resistant, although it can suffer from hereditary eye disorders.

Like hip dysplasia, which could cause mobility problems.
In this sense, it is advisable to conduct the respective analyses before allocating the dog for reproduction and breeding.

It is a dog that needs at least an hour of daily exercise, although it will gladly accept if this period is extended since it will do its strong muscles a lot of good.

When he is a puppy, he is not recommended to exercise too much to prevent the muscles and joints from overworking, supporting the weight and tension derived from his large size.

These dogs require a high proportion of vitamins and minerals compared to other breeds due to their large size to achieve proper function and maintenance of joints and cartilage.

He often suffers from bloating and other stomach problems, even though he usually has a big appetite.

It is best to offer smaller but frequent portions to avoid such problems.
Because they have a double coat of fur that consists of a very dense and woolly inner coat (which usually sheds when the good weather arrives) and a smoother and harder outer coat, it is recommended to brush it well at least twice a week with a greater frequency when the season of shedding arrives.

The tail and hind legs usually have longer fur than the rest of the body.
Note: It must always be borne in mind that this breed is essentially a guard dog, so it should be treated with caution, and its character should not be taken lightly.

He is usually suspicious and cautious with strangers and is usually protective of his family and territory. It is important to have some experience to dominate it, make it socialize in a good way, and guide its training.

In his environment, he is usually shown with a generous, affectionate character and faithful to his adopters.

Pyrenean Mastiff Dog Breed

Pyrenean Mastiff Dog Breed

Pyrenean Mastiff Dog Breed

It is one of the calmest and most meek breeds, making them excellent and faithful companions and very intelligent. All this predisposes him to better and easier training. If the amounts of food provided are not controlled, it can gain considerably in weight and volume, causing it to grow greatly.

This will not only make it grow to a large size, but it could weigh up to 100 kilograms. The weight between the breed’s females and males can change a lot. Females can weigh between 55 and 77 kilos for males, a maximum of 100 kilograms. 

They have compact bodies, muscular, but at the same time, very agile and with very good coordination. This breed requires frequent brushing, preferably every day. This way, the dirt is prevented from accumulating and the house from being filled with dead fur.
In addition, proper brushing will allow the adopter to detect the possible presence of parasites, fleas or ticks in time. As for feeding the Pyrenean Mastiff, like all dogs, they need to eat in a balanced way to prevent them from becoming obese or overweight.

Therefore, they must play and exercise every day. In addition, they also require mentally stimulating games. 

Spanish Mastiff Dog Breed

Spanish Mastiff Dog Breed

Spanish Mastiff Dog Breed

It is also known by the name of Leonese Mastiff, being one of the most popular breeds that stand out for their intelligence and docile and affectionate behavior. They are a breed native to Spain and have been used to guard flocks due to their strong and agile build.

It is also a breed that contributes to living in families with children. These dogs do not require special care as long as they are exercised frequently and with affection and attention. This breed has historically been used as guard dogs to protect farms and ranches.

In the same way, to protect the security of the flocks from the attacks of packs of aggressive wolves. They tend to have a fairly balanced behavior between socialization and their protection and shelter instincts. He is very self-assured and has a keen sense of territoriality, making him an excellent watchdog. 

This breed has a low-pitched, deep, hoarse and very powerful bark. Despite being very affable normally, it can become a true beast when noticing the risk that its adopter may be in.

When they are puppies, you must take very close care of their training and show firmness when they show wrong behavior. Being a fairly independent animal, getting used to receiving orders takes time, so dedication and patience are needed in this task.

Being a large dog, you should consider having large spaces where you can exercise for at least an hour a day with walks or runs. The main condition that this breed can have is hip dysplasia.

English Mastiff Dog Breed

English Mastiff Dog Breed

English Mastiff Dog Breed

This is considered one of the largest breeds in the world, both for its volume and weight, because it can easily reach 100 kg, giving it a very strong build. His character is very friendly and adorable.
The shape of its body is usually of the parallelepiped type, being longer than wide with very well-formed and robust limbs. Above all, he is a very calm dog and affectionate with all the people around him.

However, despite its good nature, it can be a good guard dog because it can become indifferent and cautious with those who are strangers to its family. They are good with children, but preferably not so small. Being very large dogs, they could inadvertently hurt them. 

They need at least an hour of exercise each day, but they also need to rest during their nap. Being puppies or very young, they mustn’t make so much physical effort because they are a breed prone to bone problems.

They are dogs with a great appetite, so they require minerals and vitamins and, at the same time, protect their cartilage and joints. 

Afghan Mastiff Dog Breed

Afghan Mastiff Dog Breed

Afghan Mastiff Dog Breed

This species is medium, perhaps not as large as others of its breed.
It has been used as a guardian for nomadic tribes. They are a breed with long, narrow legs, along with a fairly strong jaw.

It was used to settle disputes through fights between members of this species. It is a fairly muscular and athletic dog and can become aggressive when meeting other dogs and strangers. Due to this behavior characteristic, they are only approached by their adopter or an expert.

Among its physical characteristics, its large head, slim but very strong body, long legs and deep chest stand out. Many attributes have a certain resemblance to a wolf.

It has a very dense coat of medium length and a color generally grayish brown, reddish brown, fawn and tiger-style white. White markings on the snout, legs, and chest are a commonly accepted feature. 

Cashmere Mastiff Dog Breed

Cashmere Mastiff Dog Breed

Cashmere Mastiff Dog Breed

This species originated in India, Pir Panjal, in the Himalayas of Kashmir. Also known as Bakharwal, it is a strong and corpulent animal that has been used throughout history as a dog for the care and herding of livestock. They are characterized by having a large head and abundant fur.

Neapolitan Mastiff Dog Breed

Neapolitan Mastiff Dog Breed

Neapolitan Mastiff Dog Breed

Of Italian origin, the Neapolitan Mastiff descends from the Tibetan Mastiff. Although it has a determined and loyal character, it is not aggressive if it has been properly educated and socialized since it was a puppy.

He is protective of his home and family and is always alert. He is intelligent, very noble, very strong and kind. As I have mentioned, it is a dog that can be very dangerous if it is not properly educated or socialized as a puppy.

You need to exercise daily to avoid being overweight to prevent you from developing hip dysplasia. It is the breed with the most cases of hip dysplasia. Due to his wrinkles, he also suffers from eye and skin problems. Therefore, the more wrinkled he is, the more health problems he will develop.

With other dogs, it shows its dominant character. He gets along great with children.


What is a Mastiff Dog Breed?

Upon reaching their maximum adult size, the males can reach a height of 77 centimeters, reaching a weight of around 90 kg. While females can weigh about 68 kg reaching heights of 70 centimeters.

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