Dog Pads: Everything You Need to Know

Dog Pads are a very important part of his body, as they are on his legs.

These allow you to walk and run without injury.

Being constantly in direct contact with the ground, both the weight of the dog and the type of ground on which he walks, will cause him to suffer certain consequences such as cracks or even burns due to high temperatures.

Although they may seem very resilient, they have nerve endings that make them very sensitive, so adopters must be attentive to their upkeep and general care, so they are always in good health.

What is a Dog Mat?

These are present in the lower part of the paws of dogs.

They are very important because they prevent you from suffering from certain problems at the bone level, for example, the great wear caused by friction and constant blows.

Its four pads are fat depots and help reduce the impact when hitting the ground.

The pads can easily be compared to the shoes or slippers people wear so they can go outside without hurting their feet.

Therefore, it helps the dog to walk calmly, reducing the impact of walking on any surface.

dog pads

To note: It is very important to mention that this is not the only function, but that they have sweat glands through which moisture is emitted, which Helps maintain the skin’s protective elasticity.

Therefore, cracking is avoided, while it helps maintain the dog’s thermal regulation.

These glands mark their scent when they relieve themselves, so they often move their legs strongly against the ground. That is to say. They mark their territory.

How to Properly Care for Dog Pads?

They must always be moistened with the secretions of their sweat glands and have a hardened consistency, which can achieve with exercise.

Therefore, taking the dog for a walk or jog daily will keep these structures in shape.

It is necessary to keep the hair short at the level of the legs to prevent it from slipping between the fingers.

On the other hand, although the nails undergo natural wear and tear due to the constant contact with the ground which files them, it is essential to keep them short so that they do not interfere with their function or become distracting.

If you don’t, they will get so long that the pads won’t have adequate contact when they have to walk, which, which is natural to them, could become painful.

After walks, it is convenient to clean the pads, especially when the weather is humid or in case the dog has wet paws.

This will prevent the formation of bacteria and other types of parasites.

One of the best ways to do this is to dampen a towel with warm water.

Then should, rub it gently to remove dirt. Once finished, it is important to dry well.

Injury care and prevention: 

Keeping the pads maintained is essential.

It is, therefore, important to have on-hand protective balms for pads, especially if we are going to hike with the dog on more hostile surfaces or if we have to go out on surfaces that are too hot or too cold.

General observation of the adopter: 

If the dog limps or does not support any of its four legs, it is important to check it carefully in case it is an external element.

If you have a wound, it could be complicated by infection, requiring immediate attention.

Another way to recognize something is going on is to lick your paws insistently.

Most common injuries 

The presence of an injury in one of the paw pads of dogs can represent discomfort that prevents them from performing their daily activities optimally.

They may even pose a risk to your overall health.

For this reason, it is very important to know the major and most common injuries they usually suffer to act in the best way and improve as quickly as possible.

It is important to add that various causes for which they can get injured showing different types of injuries.

In these cases, there is no need to be alarmed because it is very common for this to happen; the important thing is to act as best as possible for the well-being of your animal.

Next, we will mention the most common injuries.

  • Due to erosion or natural wear and tear: This happens when the dog walks on very rough or hard surfaces. Also, in the case of doing it with ice or sand, both are surfaces that cause more damage when dogs walk.
  • Burns: When there is too much heat and sun, the ground’s surface heats up a lot, so walking the dog can hurt himself. As for the cold, it also causes wounds on the skin similar to those caused by heat.
  • Trauma frequently happens when the dog steps on shards, glass, etc. These are embedded in the pads and cause very deep wounds that can bleed, requiring surgery to suture the wound.
  • Lots of no exercise: Excess or lack of exercise significantly affects the health of the pads. With no exercise, they don’t gain enough cushioning, while with excess exercise, they become too hard and lose their ability to reduce the impacts they need when walking.

Tampon Wound Treatment 

To treat injuries caused by embedded objects such as pieces of glass, shards, and wires, the first thing to do is to observe gravity.

If it’s superficial, it can be treated at home, but if it’s not or you’re not sure, the most responsible thing is to take it to the vet so it can be checked properly and cured.

When it is a cold or heat burn, or a superficial wound, it can be treated as follows:

  • Clean the injured area: First, should clean the pad area
  • with a little warm water and a soft cloth. Sterile gauze can also be used. This will help determine the size of the wound.
  • Disinfect: To disinfect it correctly, it must be cleaned with hydrogen peroxide using a clean towel or sterile gauze, giving very soft touches. Chlorhexidine digluconate can also be applied. If the wound is not deep, this will be enough since the tissue itself will be able to regenerate.
  • Wound care: Finally, it is preferable to protect the wound so as not to leave it exposed to the environment. In this case, the advantage is the best option. It is important to change the dressing frequently.

Brief Conclusion

There is no doubt that the pads are an important part of your body and your health due to their role in protecting you from different external agents that can be harmful.

They help them walk calmly and enjoy fun games with their adopter.

Without a doubt, the adopter must observe that his dog walks well and does not limp, among other possible signs indicating something is wrong.

Let’s remember that it is man’s best friend and needs people’s attention and love to have a healthy and happy life in every way.

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