What are the Characteristics of a Good Family Dog?

I will dedicate today’s article to the Characteristics of a Good Family Dog that like to live together as a family. And it is that having a dog goes beyond the simple fact of having a companion.

Characteristics of a Good Family Dog

Knowing what breed or cross They are most suitable for living together as a family, it is important to consider certain factors, especially if you have children. In this sense, you need a dog that adapts to everyone’s routine.

Therefore, it is very important that before adopting a dog, you research all possible information about the breed or crossbreed. This way, you can make a better decision. Remember that a dog needs your time, love, affection, and responsibility.

If you want to adopt a dog, it is important to understand that this is a huge step. A dog is not a toy you can use for a few days and then give away; it is a lifetime commitment, and therefore, it is necessary to adopt the perfect dog that suits your family.

Family Dogs: Dogs for the family and children

Every family is different, as some spend a lot of time at home, others the reverse. For this reason, it is important to adopt a dog that can keep up or assess how much sacrifice and effort the adopter can make to take care of it in the best possible way.

It is important to mention that it is not only about adopting the most beautiful dog of all but is suitable for your family in all aspects. It is very difficult to mention some specific breeds since their character and behavior will depend greatly on their upbringing, but some breeds are more familiar than others, which is why they are perfect for children. 

Although hundreds of dog breeds exist, some are ideal for living with a family with children.

Family Dog ​​Breeds

Remember that these breeds that I will list are the ones that, due to their temperament, are best suited for families with children. However, each individual has their personality.

This list is intended to help families choose between these breeds or crosses (never forget the mongrel dogs: I have always had mongrel dogs) for better cohabitation.


The size of the Beagle is perfect for living in an apartment; they are docile, intelligent, and very patient. Ideal for families living in small apartments, thanks to its size. They have an excellent cheerful sense of smell and love to play with children; they never get tired. They are family dogs, and they love sports very much.

Golden Retriever

It is one of the favorite breeds of many families with children at home. This is because they are dogs with enormous patience. And they can easily live in small apartments.

Undoubtedly, two qualities make them the big favorites. Of course, they need moderate exercise every day to have fun, relieve themselves, and prevent obesity. 

In general terms, It is a docile, sociable, and very intelligent dog. Therefore, they are ideal companions for children and large families.


The pug has great intelligence, making it another of the many favorites. It is a race that feels a great attachment to its adopters and their family.

He gets along very well with children, is fun, and has a unique personality. It is a dog that does not require much exercise because it has little energy, so it is recommended for families with sedentary lives.

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It is a breed that always shows great affection for the people around it at home and with the little ones. They are very energetic, and therefore they need physical activity every day.

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Saint Bernard

He is a fairly large dog but very kind, loyal, and calm. He likes being with children. Because it is so large, it is recommended to arrange them in spaces of equal size so that they can be comfortable.

Likewise, they must be in temperate or cold climates since they suffer from heat. If it is a puppy, socialization at this age is important due to its large size when it begins to grow.
Just as it is prevented from being a territorial dog and reacting badly.

Spanish Greyhound

They are very calm dogs, which is why they are very good company. They can be a bit shy, and because of that, they are not so confident. Despite everything, he is a very sweet dog and loyal to his family.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

It is a cheerful, gentle, attentive breed and an excellent childminder. They aren’t as active as other dogs, but they still need to get outside occasionally. Ideal for more sedentary families.


This breed is also called the Hungarian Pointer; they are very fast dogs with an excellent sense of smell. They are very loyal and very attached to their family. They get along well with other dogs and also with children. They need daily exercise.


It is a cheerful, affectionate, and energetic breed recommended only for families with a lot of time and activity. They love to have fun and play with children, so they must have enough time.

The Dalmatian is the perfect breed for your family if you are active and enjoy sports.


It is a dog of great family instinct and a good friend of children. They tend to be very protective, making them excellent family guardians. They are very loyal, intelligent, and very fond of children. With them, they are very protective.


They are very kind and calm and like to be surrounded by their family and children. Although he is a big dog, he is very calm and loyal.


Although its appearance has become a little robust, it is an ideal dog for children. He is very docile, a good friend, and very loyal. He gets along well with other animals at home and can live quietly in small spaces, that is, in an apartment. Of course, it is only recommended for inactive families.

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The Labrador is a very affectionate dog. He loves being outdoors, running and playing. Above all, they are very fond of water and swimming. They are dogs with a high amount of energy, so it is only recommended for active families who like to do many projects outside. They are a perfect breed for a home.


He gets along very well with the family. It is an elegant, robust, and very agile breed. They are also dogs with great intelligence and loyalty.


There are different varieties of poodles, and each of them is perfect for families with children. The small breed is ideal for children, not only for that but because they are hypoallergenic dogs. That is, they do not generally cause allergies. In this sense, they are perfect as a pet. They are intelligent, active, and easy to train.

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Mongrel Dogs

These dogs, because they are not purebred, are often unadopted and are the ones who need a home, love, and affection. Adopting a mongrel dog will change their life and future and yours.

They are normally hardcore and very affectionate dogs, which is why it is perfect for a family and even more so if they have children.

Advantages of family Dogs with children

Adopting a dog brings many benefits when the family has children of all ages.


The great bond created between a dog and a child transmits important values ​​such as: taking care of them, feeding them, and playing with them. As children age, their responsibilities to take care of their pets properly can also increase.

For example, changing their water, so they always drink clean and fresh water, feeding them, and brushing their fur, among other responsibilities.


The close relationship between a dog and a child helps them raise their self-esteem because the child feels loved by his animal and valued. Remember that a dog’s love is unconditional, and children feel it.

Love Interaction

Between dogs and children, there is great empathy. Having a dog and caring for it creates innocent but very important and powerful feelings.

Dogs teach children about unconditional, unprejudiced love. The relationship created in both cases offers security to the child in case his parents or guardians are not present. A dog is for children, a being who takes care of them and protects them.

The other advantages are:

  • They help them socialize with other children and other people.
  • Being in the company of a dog increases the feeling of happiness.
  • They develop curiosity, learning, and creativity.
  • Children feel more empathy and respect for others.
  • They like to participate more in sports activities.
  • They reduce the sedentary lifestyle because the children will always be very active.
  • The immune system is strengthened.
  • They offer them love and tenderness but, above all, their company.
  • Increases and improves family life, as quality time is often spent playing with a dog.
  • Reduces stress, allowing children to be calmer.
  • Improves motor skills, speech, memory, and attention. This is especially in children who have had behavioral problems.

What should be considered before adopting a dog?

Before leaping and adopting a dog, every family must understand the big step it means. Dogs are living beings. They feel and deserve respect and attention.

In this sense, if the family has only one whim, it is better to consider adoption. However, if they are ready and have the time and resources to give a dog a home, there are a few things to consider before making such an important decision.

As a future adopter, it is important to be responsible for his well-being, and the best thing is to assess whether he can assume it.

When the family lives in a small house, it is not advisable to adopt a large dog.
It is recommended that it be a dog that adapts to the space available to be happy. If a larger breed is always chosen, the responsibility is greater since taking them out for walks every day for exercise and leisure moments during the day is necessary.
No matter the breed or size of the dog, they all need the time of their adopter and the whole family.

Dogs need attention, games, cuddles, and daily walks. If the dog has a lot of energy, it must assess whether the family can keep up with it.

Therefore, you need to consider whether you want a calm or more active dog.
The aforementioned breeds are the most suitable for families with children, but it is important to mention that they all have character traits that should notice. When there are children at home, what must predominate in the dog is his patience and his tolerance.

If it is a puppy, this is the ideal age to take care of its education. They must learn to relieve themselves in the right place, socialize with other dogs and people, and obey the commands of their adopters.

In this sense, it is necessary to have the time to do it with perseverance and discipline, always accompanied by positive reinforcement so that the learning is successful.

Note: A last but important point is that the dog is vaccinated and wormed. For this, it is necessary that from the first moment, he can take him to the veterinarian to take care of his health and guarantee that he will live well with people.

On the other hand, it is important that families who have children teach them that the dog deserves respect and that they are not disturbed when it is time to sleep or eat.

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