Alano Espanol Dog Breed Information

Alano Espanol Dog breed are compact, medium-sized dogs with a compact build and an active temperament. They have a broad and deep chest, short noses, and wide, muscular necks. 

A Spanish Alano or Astur Alano is a dog breed from the Astur-Leonese region of Spain. It is a medium-sized dog that originated as a hunting companion for livestock herders and village hunters in Asturias and León. Spanish Alano dogs are medium to large-sized dogs with broad backs, short muzzles, and muscular forequarters.

Their tails can be docked in natural conditions, but they shouldn’t be cut too short. They have wide almond-shaped eyes, straight ears, and bushy tail that curls up at the end.

These dogs are fast runners with stamina, making them excellent hunting companions for rural people and ranchers. They have an independent temperament by default but also make excellent family pets.

History and origin of the Alano Espanol Dog Breed

Spanish Alano dogs are descendants of the Astur-Leonese herding dog called the Alano. Alano dogs were believed to be used as herders and hunters in the Asturian and Leonese regions of Spain before the Roman occupation of the country. These dogs were highly skilled at sheep herding and were well-suited for hunting wild boar and deer.

They were also used to guard livestock and flocks against predators like wolves and lions. During the Middle Ages, Alano dogs were used by shepherds to guard sheep and flocks against predators. Later, cattle herders used these dogs to protect herds from predators, guard flocks, and search out strays.

In the late 18th century, a hunter from the eastern Asturian region developed a breed that looked like the herding dogs used in his native country. He crossbred his Alano dogs with hunting breeds from nearby regions, such as the British Bassets and the Pyrenees Mountain Dogs. This combination resulted in dogs with both herding and hunting skills.

Alano Espanol Dog Breed Characteristics

Their ears are set high and should be pricked when they are alert. Their eyes are almond-shaped with a medium amount of white in them. The coat is short, fine, and smooth. 
The colors of these dogs can be any of the following: black, brown, white, and red-tan. It is advised to get a red-tan Spanish Alano Dog if you want to be alerted about dangers.

Spanish Alano dog vs Astur Alano

The Spanish Alano and Astur Alano are medium to large dogs native to Spain. However, their personalities and looks are vastly different. The Spanish Alano Dog is a herding dog with a hunting background, while the Astur Alano Dog is a native hunting dog with a herding background. 
The Spanish Alano Dog is not as famous as the Astur Alano Dog as it is a rare breed and not seen as fashionable by many. However, it is a robust and healthy dog with a great temperament that also makes a great family pet.

Alano Espanol Dog Breed training and exercise requirements

Spanish Alano Dogs are active, medium to high-energy dogs. They are usually not recommended for apartment living as they will need a large yard to run and play. They are intelligent dogs that can learn basic commands quickly and are easy to train. They are affectionate with people and are great with kids.

It is important to socialize a Spanish Alano Dog from a young age to prevent them from becoming aggressive with other dogs and teach them not to chase livestock as that is not their purpose in life.

Owners should take their dogs for a walk and play with them regularly to keep them happy and occupied. A daily walk will also help owners get to know their dogs better.

Alano Espanol Dog Health and Traits

The health of any dog depends on the care it receives and the genes it shares with the breed, which is why some Spanish Alano Dog breeders may claim that their breed is healthier than others. 
The good news is that the Spanish Alano Dog is a robust breed that doesn’t have many health issues. They are a healthy breed that rarely experiences genetic conditions and are suitable for hunting and herding. 
The Spanish Alano Dog is a sensitive breed that can be trained easily. They have an independent, alert, and somewhat aloof temperament.

Alano Espanol Dog Coat and Grooming requirements

A Spanish Alano Dog’s coat should be short, delicate, and short-haired. It is usually black, brown, or red-tan. They should be groomed regularly to remove dead hair and tangles in the coat. It is recommended to groom a Spanish Alano Dog once a week and clip their nails once every two weeks.

A dog’s coat that is too long or matted can get tangled in its braces, which can be dangerous for dogs. Spanish Alano Dog owners should gently comb their dogs’ coats weekly to remove tangles and keep them clean.

Spanish Alano Dogs must be bathed regularly with a gentle shampoo and rinsed with clean water.

Keeping a Spanish Alano Dog’s ears clean is essential to avoid infections. It is also beneficial to clean a dog’s feet to prevent infections.

How to Train a Spanish Alano Dog? Tips

Spanish Alano Dogs are friendly, outgoing dogs that make great family pets. They can be trained easily if given commands when they are young. To prevent aggression, it is important to socialize a Spanish Alano Dog well from a young age. Spanish Alano Dogs are intelligent dogs that can be trained easily. 
They have an alert and somewhat independent nature, making them challenging to train. Providing a Spanish Alano Dog with plenty of exercises is essential, especially when they are young. Spanish Alano Dogs can be trained to walk on a leash, sit, and shake a paw when they are outside. 
It is important to reward good behavior with treats and reprimand lousy behavior with a stern voice. Playing with a Spanish Alano Dog regularly is also essential to keep them happy and prevent aggression.

Spanish Alano Dog Final Thoughts

The Spanish Alano Dog is a herding dog from Spain that has been used for centuries as both a hunting and farm dog. These dogs are active by nature and make excellent watchdogs.

They have a short coats and are easy to groom, making them a popular breed. If you are looking for a low-maintenance dog that requires little to no maintenance, the Spanish Alano Dog could be perfect!

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