How to Teach a Dog to Come Here?

How to Teach a Dog to Come Here? Going to call is one of the main and first activities you should do with your puppy.

From the first moment he walks into the house, he dedicates a few minutes a day to obedience training. It may sound easy, but you will find out whether your puppy is paying attention to you. Call him when you go out for a walk, and he either comes or ignores you.

How to Teach a Dog to Come Here?

The main reason you should train a puppy to come when called is for him to pay attention to you, i.e., you are training obedience to establish roles early on.

Another reason, no less important, is that in all circumstances, the puppy comes to you when you call him so that you are where you are. In the conditions you find yourself in, your puppy pays attention to you and comes.

This will prevent major incidents, hazards, problems or accidents. 
A) Yes, train a puppy. Going to roll call is an act of obedience and prevention.
To teach a puppy to come to you when called, it’s important to remember one basic rule: call him by his name whenever it’s for something positive.

How to Teach a Dog to Come?

Never call him to scold him, punish him or do something he doesn’t like because that way, you will only get the puppy associating his name with something negative.

This often happens with runaway puppies: they are called, and when they come home, they get a reprimand. Next time it will take longer for them to come to the call.

How to Teach a Dog to Come to Your Side: You Should Follow These Guidelines:

  • Train when your puppy is hungry: this way, he will be more motivated to learn.
  • Practice in a quiet place with no distractions, so the puppy learns more easily.
  • Use the word “come” or “here” to call him.
  • When he approaches you, praise him, receive him with joy.
  • Go crouch when he approaches and comes towards you. Don’t forget to reward him with a piece of food.
  • If your puppy is stubborn and won’t come to the call just by calling him, help yourself with the leash: do it first with the leash until you make sure he understands the exercise of obedience. Later, he trains off-leash.

It is important that you also practice this exercise outside the home. When training a puppy, it must be considered that he may react very well inside the house, but outside he may not react the same way.
Thus, you must train obedience in different places. In this way, you will reinforce your role and his.

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